About Gina

I've worked in the finance industry for 6 years, during this time frame I've helped thousands of women improve their financial wellbeing. Actively, I own a financial literacy company and podcast, my purpose is to help you become the best version of yourself and I do this by teaching you how to make your money work harder for you.

I have an in-depth background in: mortgages, building credit, paying down debt, business financials, investing, managing student loans, cash flow & more. While working at a financial institution, I won various awards for sales excellence and living up to my purpose. In 2019, my employer nominated me for the WXN Emerging Leader Award, a national award that recognizes 100 of The Most Powerful Women in Canada.

The inspiration behind my business: during the pandemic, I realized how many people were not prepared for an emergency. I started creating finance content that anyone in the world could access for free. When so many people were struggling financially, I wanted to give them hope that it wouldn't be their "forever,' and that they could indeed take actionable measures towards a stronger financial future.

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Award Winning Financial Consultant | Educator | Podcast Host

I’m on a mission to help women become the best version of themselves. 

Work with Me to:

  • Become debt-free; let's pay those student loans off in full. Let's get rid of your credit card debt and, more importantly, ensure you NEVER end up in debt again!
  • Purchase your dream home; I've designed a unique formula that ensures you'll qualify for a mortgage when the time is right
  • Build long-term wealth and investing doesn't need to be complicated. I don't want you to lose money when you invest in the stock market, so I teach you how to invest based on your personal goals
  • Save money; this means no more dipping into your emergency savings every month. The average savings rate is $850 a year; what if I told you I could help you save $10,000+ annually?
  • Feel excited about the thought of having kids instead of worrying about how you'll afford them
  • Have a bank account stacked with money that works harder than you do

My Timeline


Graduated high school and enrolled in university with aspirations to obtain a business degree, had zero financial knowledge


Mental health took a toll for the worst; I made the rash decision to move out


At 20, became one of the youngest General Manager’s for a restaurant franchise. Earning $60,000+ bonuses but struggling financially, living paycheck to paycheck, and drowning in credit card debt


Started my career at Coast Capital Savings, paid down all my debt, and started investing! I finally felt in control


Bought my first property, this was such an empowering feeling


Started my podcast that gained momentum on a global scale. I was finally inspiring millennials all across the world


Handed in my resignation, took calculated risks, and incorporated The MMG. Now, I help women all across the world put a plan in place to achieve millionaire status in their lifetime.


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Award-winning millennial money coach Gina Judge teaches you how to manage your money better. Learn how to budget, invest, build credit, manage student loans, obtain a mortgage, and become debt-free, all while living a more fulfilled life. With six years of experience in the finance industry, Gina's helped thousands of Canadians improve their financial well-being. In 2019, she was nominated for WXN's Emerging Leader Award, which recognizes 100 of Canada's most powerful women. Building a financial road map isn't easy; tune every Wednesday to learn more about steps you can take to go from being flat broke to a financial badass