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Let’s talk about money. Perhaps the touchiest subject in the world for some, and the favourite subject for others. If you’re honest with yourself, do you truly know what you’re doing with your money and how to maximize it? Well if you’re like most, you’ll probably answer no. That's where I come in, I've designed a coaching program that helps women achieve millionnaire status in their life time, faster than if they were to try and do it on their own.

Women need to be financially independent, I don't care who your father, brother, or husband is. It's up to you to build the life you want and deserve. More money won't make you happier but it will make your life easier. Work with me to build a set of skills that are truly invaluable.


  Personalized plan

There is no better time than now to work on a financial plan to help you build more wealth, plan for the unexpected and help bring you peace of mind. Whatever your financial goals are – saving for a down payment, retirement, a business, your child's education, or becoming debt-free, I'm here to help. With a financial plan, you can take better control of your finances and know you have a plan in place to help you achieve your goals.

 Who is This For

Do you want to achieve millionaire status in your life-time? Work with me to get there faster! If you're considering applying, I want you to think of this program as a financial bootcamp. You need to be willing to put in the work, in order to see the results! I'm teaching you how to climb a mountain without climbing it. Many of the women who work with me will be the first in their families to earn 6 figures and achieve millionaire status. If you're ready to learn more, continue scrolling down.

Length: 3 Months
Sessions: 5


  • Outlining your goals
  • Assess barriers to execution
  • Break your money roadblocks
  • Transform your mindset
  • Financial health assessment


  • I create your personalized budget
  • I create your financial plan
  • Debt repayment (if applicable)
  • Sinking funds & automation


  • I teach you the 4 building blocks to financial freedom
  • Biweekly strategy sessions, recalibrate & progress
  • Net worth assessment
  • Investing 101 – your personal investment strategy
  • Mortgage qualification plan
  • 1:1 coaching session
  • An analysis of financial statements before the call
  • 45 minute coaching session with a focus on any area you want to focus on budgeting, debt, investing, mortgages, and business startup
  • This session is customized to your needs


What’s kept you from achieving your financial goals?
This program is a $5000 investemnt - if your application is considered for the next round, do you commit to going ALL IN for yourself, to truly get the life you want?
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Women who make good money but don’t have anything to show for it. Women that feel financially illiterate but are ready to start taking life and finances into their own hands

It’s okay to feel nervous, but trust me when I say I’ve LITERALLY seen it all. As a coach, I’ll never judge your money decisions, the purpose of this coaching program is to bring about positive change. Our brains like to keep us in the familiar and that’s why it’s hard breaking habits, because the familiar feels safe. As your money coach, I’ll support you through all the ups and downs but more importantly, I’ll help you build a confident and abundant relationship with money.

6 sessions with Gina that can be spread over 3 or 4 months

I cater the coaching program to you based on your individual needs, for example, if you’re carrying debt we’ll
prioritize this, if you’re not we’ll focus on investing. In our initial meeting we’ll plan out our sessions so you know
what to expect

Homework & Worksheets that make you dig deep

Access to me personally throughout the program, I’ll answer all of your questions via text within 72 hours &
remember no question, is ever a stupid question

Access to a private FB Group of boss babes that provides ongoing support and accountability

No, I have limited availability and will only take on clients who are truly committed to becoming a better version of themselves. I want to work with women who are ready to achieve millionaire status in their life time.

Submit your application by clicking “apply now.” Once receiving your application, our team will review your answers, if you make it to the next round, we’ll set up an interview to discuss suitability for the program. If you’re selected, you’ll be offered one of our limited spots in the program (one of the best decisions you’ll make this year)

Most of my clients work with me because they’re not saving the money they SHOULD be or COULD be. They’re not paying down their debt, they don’t know how interest works, their credit score is dropping or stagnant, and they’re dipping into their savings every other month or it’s not growing. Essentially, they’re not doing the things they need to, in order to achieve their financial goals. If you were going to put that money into your goals, you would have already done it and you probably wouldn’t be here right now. There’s a difference between an EXPENSE and an INVESTMENT, expenses drain your resources whereas an investment pays you back. Our goal is for you to make this investment and you will thousands of times over in our life based on the tools, principles, resources and strategies I teach you.

Yes. I designed my personal finance coaching to be accessible to those who are committed to taking action. If you’re ready to make a change in your money, complete the form below and we’ll discuss your options.