Fundamentals of Wealth Workshop

Take control of your future

At a time when inflation is at an all-time high you have no choice but to take control of your finances. This intense one-day in-person workshop will equip you with everything you need to succeed.


Standard financial literacy courses can cost thousands of dollars and not provide you with the applicable skills you need right away.


With our 100% Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose.

When: December 3, 2022 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST

Where: Surrey City Hall, British Columbia

Why: This is not a standard financial literacy workshop. Money management coach Gina Judge takes a focused approach, ensuring that each attendee will walk out with a tangible plan on how to achieve their own personal finance goals. This workshop is not just about having a little more in your savings account, but rather, about maximising your chances of achieving your long-term goals; purchasing your dream house, a well deserved vacation, a comfortable retirement or a great education for your kids.

Money may not be the most important thing in the world but it impacts everything that is, from the food you eat, to the places you live, and the level of opportunities you receive. This workshop introduces you to some of the most important concepts in personal finance. By investing time into your own financial literacy, you are making one of the best possible investments, an investment in yourself.

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This intense one-day in-person workshop will save you lots of money compared to formal finance classes and you'll learn applicable skills!


100% Money Back Guarantee

Guest Speaker:

Selene Dior

Selene Dior is a 23-year-old female CEO and founder of Vitae Apparel living in Vancouver, BC, Canada. After immigrating from China, and feeling like an outsider, Selene decided to build an inclusive and women-empowered wellness company for all different types of women. At just 18 years old, Selene founded Vitae Apparel in December of 2016 as a young solo founder. Now 4 years later, her brand is on track to make $3.5 million in revenue by this year.

Event Sponsors:

Habits to help you build an 800+ (2)
    • Uncover Your Subconscious Money Associations & Reprogram Your Money Identity with Sandeep from @SheWritesHerStory
    • Weekly & Monthly Money Habits That Will Make You Rich
    • Building Your Budget Using The MMG'S Unique Cash Flow Formula
    • Reducing Discretionary Spending

      ----- LUNCH IS SERVED ----- 

    • Key Note Speech: Women Entrepreneurship in Surrey by Raj Grewal From @LuxAffairs
    • Achieving Your Financial Goals
    • Emergency Savings & Sinking Funds
    • Tax Planning with Cindy Kumar from
    • Managing Debt - Good Debt vs Bad Debt
    • Credit Score 101
    • The Power of Compound Interest & Time
    • Adopt an Investor’s Mindset
    • Creating Your Investment Plan
    • Stock Market 101
    • Real Estate Builds Millionaires
    • Understanding Mortgages
  • BONUS - Launching / Scaling a Business
    • Seline Dior from @VitaeApparel will share steps she took to achieve financial freedom by launching her e-Commerce business 

Meet your instructor

Gina Judge, is the owner and founder of The Millennial Money Guide, a financial literacy company that’s inspiring women to take control of their finances. She helps you in the following areas: budgeting, investing, managing debt, building credit, paying down student loans, qualifying for a mortgage and so much more!

Her financial journey hasn't been an easy one, at 18, she moved out and made a handful of money mistakes: from racking up credit card debt, depleting her savings, and was stuck in a rat race of living paycheck to paycheck. Shortly after, she commenced a career in finance, in doing so, she realized millions of people were struggling just as she once was.

By becoming financially literate, Gina paid off 5 figures of credit card debt, built a 6-figure net worth, and quit her 9-5.

Now, she's made it her mission to help you become the best version of yourself. Building a healthy financial life won’t happen over-night. With her knowledge and out-of-box thinking, she's assisted thousands in improving their financial well-being all while achieving their goals.

Money gives you choices, when managed effectively it will carve a clear-cut path designed to help you achieve your goals. So, let Gina help you successfully carve out a new path in life.

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