MASTER CLASS - Investing 101 - Learn EVERYTHING you need to start investing in the stock market

"A financially Independent woman is a powerful woman"

Taught by self-made & award-winning financial consultant, planner, mortgage broker, and podcast host.

When: January 29th, 2022 @ 4 pm PST (Pacific Time)

Where: Zoom (I'll provide a link)

Why: If you are not investing, your money is losing value the longer you leave it in your bank. Currently at 8% per year. This means $10,000 in your bank on Jan 1st will be worth only $9,200. Now imagine this over multiple years or even decades.

What makes it worse is the bank that you trust with your money is investing it themselves, making money for themselves.

This class will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know how to invest, how to pick stocks, and how to analyze stocks. You will be ready to start investing as soon as this class is over.

Registration is limited!

This course will save you thousands compared to formal finance classes and you'll learn applicable skills.

100% Money Back Guarantee!


 At an early age Gina was raised by a single mother, she witnessed the struggle watching her mother trying to raise a family by herself and all the pain and hardships that came along with it.

Having moved out at 18, she was forced to level up and become financially independent. She's worked as a financial advisor at a top bank, is a serial entrepreneur, hosts a chart-topping financial podcast, and has managed to grow her savings fivefold by making swift and intelligent investment decisions.

In a field traditionally dominated mostly by men, through her merits, has proven she deserves a seat at the table.

This class will teach you EVERYTHING you need to know to grow your money, become financially independent, and break the glass ceiling or preconceived notions that women aren't able to manage their money effectively or as good as men.

  • You are an aspiring woman who wants to take control of your financial future and achieve millionaire status
  • You've heard of others making lots of money in the stock market but it always seemed too scary or complicated for you to start
  • Your parents never educated you or couldn't on the stock market or you never had any formal finance education


How financially savvy women are getting ahead


Metrics to assess and compare stocks

Learn Gina's method on how she compares and ranks stocks/investments

Avoid Costly Mistakes

Learn about the common mistakes investors make. Its less so about intelligence and more so to do with managing your emotions

Easy to digest taught by a woman for women

Be prepared to take notes but don't fret, the class is highly interactive with Q&A's throughout

How can you get started NOW?

Learn how to open an account with a brokerage and start purchasing equities as soon as the class is over

Tax advantaged accounts

Have you heard about TFSA's, RRSP's, RESPS, ROTH IRAS, or 401k's but never really understood how they work? Having money in these isn't doing anything unless you're investing the funds. This class covers how to grow the money in these accounts

5 types of stock market instruments

Do any of these terms sound extremely foreign to you? Stocks, Index Funds, Mutual Funds, ETETFs or REITs?

Criteria for selecting stock market instruments

Equip yourself to compare the potential returns on each of these instruments. Which ones are better? Which ones make sense based on your goals? Which ones charger higher fees? Active or Passive

Financial Statement Analysis

Learn how to value a company by analyzing the financials statements. You will learn how to analyze the income statement, balance sheet and more

The secret that wealthy women understand

If you grew up in a household where you were middle class or lower class, odds are you weren't taught anything about the stock market.

In fact, you were probably discouraged as its "risky" and you were told that you can "lose all of your money"

Often times when money is scarce it can be difficult for one to take risks.

The secret that financially literate women understand is that you should always invest a portion of your income by carefully selecting high-quality investments.

This course will get you at a level playing field for you to invest and grow your money like a pro.

Take this class and start with a small amount that you're willing to invest. Once you have skin in the game, you'll be able to see how your investments are performing and then you'll gain confidence and before you know it you'll have grown your money 10 times more than if you had left it in your bank.

So... are you in?

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